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Army Post with Daddy


Im going to work with my dad tomorrow.  He’s making me get up at 7 eastern time.  My body is still on central time so its gonna feel like 6.  Oh and btw my dad works on an Army Post.  So fun fun fun for me.  Wish me luck people.

Your dad volunteers to murder hundreds of thousands of children.

I hope he dies screaming.

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Frank you ASSHOLE.

I can’t wait until Christine goes home.

If there is a Key...: Hotel Hell anyone?


Hahah so I don’t know if anyone else watched Hotel Hell tonight,

but the Inn that they were talking about is in Vermont, (I was there tonight for a special showing, the juniper hill inn is great)

i know the owner and all the staff too. SO it’s pretty funny to see what people are saying about…

so you’re saying robert didn’t really say “they don’t have to work here” regarding the staff he refuses to pay?

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